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(Roughly Volumes 22-current)


A young boy who was able to see fairies deep in the woods around his village. Niko is mostly featured in Berserk: Guts' Rage as a Mandragoran Apostle.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 179: The Tattered World)


A teenage girl born with the gift of prophecy. After a Kushan invasion of her hometown, Sonia becomes entranced by the symbol of the Hawk. When Griffith comes to rescue the village, she falls in love. Now, she acts as tactician by using her gift to aid Griffith in battle. Seemingly fearless, she is perfectly calm around the Apostles in Griffith's Army.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 184: Kushan Invasion)


Locus, "The Moonlight Knight" is a legendary hero. His exploits are told to children as bedtime stories. His undefeated title in tournaments have produced a warrior so proud, he will not serve under an inferior leader. Locus volunteered to serve Griffith's Army, following an Oracle, and now he is in charge of new recruits, as well as the Cavalry.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 185: Winds of Change[1])


Exiled from the Kushan clan of Bakiraka, Rakshas is an enigma. His self-professed motivation for allying with Griffith is so he can ensure that one day he can cut off his beautiful head. Rakshas commands the demon search and destroy squad.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Another Legendary Hero of the war. During the Midland's 100-year war with Tudor, Grunbeld, along with 100 troops held a northern village against 3,000 troops. Strikingly tall, Grunbeld's arsenal includes a canon, a shield with blades and a mighty War Hammer.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


An apprentice witch once taught by Flora. Schierke is extremely knowledgable about the creatures and arts of the Astral world. With the Astral and Physical worlds merging, her expertise is essential to Guts' party. Her initial disbelief in Guts ability waned after several battles, and they've drawn very close. She's learned that by his side, she is part of a much larger fate than she could have forseen.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Schierke's elven guide. The cabbage-headed Evarella has just as smart a mouth as Puck. She helps Schierke train in her witch schooling.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Son of the Lord of Lumias Castle, Mule is the last surviving heir to his family's line, but is leading the last remaining forces to drive out the Kushans. Mule's army encounters Griffith's and witnesses the overpowering forces of the Apostle Army. Shortly after, in a flood of emotion, Mule confusedly swears his allegiance to Griffith.

First Appearance: Volume 23 (Episode 191: Reunion in the Wilderness)


The silent archer. Irvine's eyes have no pupils, however there is a glaring, Apostle eye on his bow. Irvine is the captain of the Archers in Griffith's Apostle Army.

First Appearance: Volume 23 (Episode 192: Demon Army)


A predatory race from the dark, nightmare world of the Qliphoth. Trolls are supposed to only be astral creatures, but after Griffith's reincarnation, they were thrust onto the physical world. Since then, they have been invading villages and impregnating women, specifically in Enoch Village. Mindless and savage, packs of Trolls will even attack and devour each other.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 197: Trolls)


A native of Enoch Village, Morgan once stumbled upon Flora's Tree Mansion looking in desperation for a cure to his mother's illness. Recently, he was sent out as an envoy to Flora to find a weapon to use against the Trolls. Morgan returned to Enoch village with Guts and his party. After the liberation of the city, he remained behind, nursing a wound.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 199: House of the Spirit Tree [1])


An ancient and wise witch, Flora lives in a mansion in the forest, safely within the borders of the Interstice, protected by barriers and Golems. Long-time friends with the Skull Knight, Flora helps Guts and his party as a favor to him. Her knowledge of the magical world and beyond is perhaps more than any other human.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 200: House of the Spirit Tree [2])


The Priest of Enoch village holds more sway than the Mayor on controversial issues. When Guts and his party come to help with the Troll extermination, the Priest is reluctant to house outcasts and heretics. Though he is initially adamant about his religion, after the events at the temple later that day, his beliefs loosen to incorporate Schierke's philosophy.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 204: The Enoch Village)

  The Four Kings of the World    

The four guardian angels of the borders of the world dwell in the heart of the Astral world. They govern over the spiritual elements of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. They are even documented in the Holy See's bible, though most priests still deny the existence of magic. They are the most powerful astral incarnations.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 209: Magic)


A huge and powerful creature from the Qliphoth. Like Trolls, Ogres aren't supposed to exist in the physical world. When one stumbles into Enoch village in response to the massive Astral disturbance in the area, it uses anything it can to pulverize its enemies. However, it is about as smart as the Trolls.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 210: True Prayer)


A legendary sea monster rumored to drown travelers. The Kelpie has mid-level water elemental abilities and can propel missiles or even drown an opponent by forcing water over their mouth.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 211: Evil Horde [1])

  Underwater Countess    

A water-elemental that was once worshipped in the Enoch Village, the Holy See's temple was built on top of her shrine, and she was neglected for over a century. When Schierke discovers her vengeful power, she cannot contain it, and the village is flooded by a torrential tidal wave.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 213: Torrent)


Dwelling in the Qliphoth, the cute Chimim˘ry˘ are harmless nightmare creatures that a child dreamed into existence. They are just one of many similar creatures that inhabit the nightmare world.

First Appearance: Volume 26 (Episode 216: Qliphoth)


Emperor of the Kushan Empire and revered as their God, Ganishka is an apostle defying his true master's Will. As Griffith's main adversary in the war, Ganishka is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield with the ability to become a huge and powerful fog. Utilizing dark arts, he has created an army of demons, the Daka, and transformed animals to become warriors.

First Appearance: Volume 27 (Episode 231: Demon Emperor)


The Daka are human-inseminated apostle-spawn. By chaining a huge mass of apostles together and feeding them live human women (Midlanders), the Daka are born in the Astral realm, within the Apostles. They are fed human meat and live only to serve their master, Ganishka.

First Appearance: Volume 27 (Episode 232: Demon Army)

  Mysterious Child    

A mysterious child found by Casca on the ocean shore one night. Casca shows great affection for the apparent mute which bears a strong resemblance to both Casca and Guts. When seeing him, Guts is reminded of he and Casca's deformed Demon Child, last seen being absorbed by the Beherit-Apostle just before Griffith's reincarnation at Albion.

First Appearance: Volume 28 (Episode 238: Child in the Moonlight)


A Kushan caster, and the leader of Ganishka's naval forces. Daiba uses powerful magic with brief incantations. It is later revealed he receives magical support from a water snake familiar Đ the Kundalini.

First Appearance: Volume 28 (Episode 243: Superior Being)


The youngest son of the Vandimion family. Magnifico longs to take on positions of influence like his brothers and father, but he has been denied his place among their ranks. After a failed arrangement to bind his sister, Farnese, to his friend Roderick, Magnifico is travelling with Guts' and company, until they intend to drop him off in another country.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 250: Vandimion)

  Federico Vandimion     

The head of the richest and most powerful family on the continent. The Vandimion's influence even spans into the upper echelon of the Holy See. He is perceived as a very cold man, who would use his family members to oil the cog of his machine of power.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 250: Vandimion)


Childhood friend of Magnifico and the fiance of Farnese. Roderick is third in line for the throne of Eath and is also a Captain of the Eath Fleet, which is the forefront of the Vritannis Alliance Navy.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 252: White Lily in the Field)

  Lady Vandimion     

Wife of Lord Vandimion and mother of Magnifico and Farnese. A true woman of the court, after decades of their hollow marriage, Lady Vandimion sees her husband as weak and scheming. When she learns of Magnifico's machinations for Farnese, she takes an active role in complicating his scheme.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 253: Mother)

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