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I apologize, I think I expressed myself poorly, I still stumble over words in English. I should have said that he was never involved, as far as I know, in controversies and was not that publicly active, which is why I found it strange that he had haters, but I believe that these trolls simply hate certain people online for the simple morbid pleasure of hating. It's very sad.

Ah well yeah, sure. But really, I don't think he actually has any haters. People online will just disparage whatever is dear to someone's heart in order to get a rise out of them. That's all there is to it. In that sense Berserk is not even in the top 10000 topics that get flamebaited.
That's pretty funny, I would like to ask them to name a fictional piece that is not plagiarized or that does not take direct inspiration from previous works. As if Attack on Titan was original :sweatdrop:
Don’t worry, they will get angry, break their defenses, yell at you, and then block you. If you are Chinese, they will definitely call you a traitor. If you are a foreigner, they will tell you to get out of China. Why do I know? Because I have experienced it, not just once or twice, but hundreds of times. (You can think I’m lying to you, but that’s the situation in China)
I am so sorry about this. I never thought the situation in China was this bad. I do pray things get better soon. The saddest thing is that I have no idea how to fix this. We are going through totalitarian governments all over the world, I just wish the innocent people wouldn't suffer.
No need to say sorry,China can be said to be the worst dictatorship in the world, and I am just talking about the tip of the iceberg.
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