HELP needed, 3D heads needed

Hello everyone I am in great need I’m searching for some 3-D heads that I can get printed for some custom figures (1:12 scale). At the moment I’m mainly searching for good Farnese and Serpico heads but I am Planning on making the entire traveling party, so will need:

Also if it’s a unique or awesome looking Guts head I might be interested in that as well but if you do 3-D sculpting or have 3-D models on hand please let me know!!!! I can’t find anything anywhere for these characters.
You can also keep up with my berserk customs on my Instagram as well.

hope you guys can help me thanks a lot!!!


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Hey Mogen. That's cool you want to make characters too rarely seen. Do you have a budget for that ? Maybe we can work something out. PM if you're interested.
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