I just lost my eye

A seldom discussed fact of life is that hardships, more than anything else, build character. You won't live the life you would have otherwise, but maybe you're the better for it in the long term. And it could be worse, you could have fully lost the eye. I know it's no comfort to hear this, but you must soldier on, forge your way through life where others sometimes just go by effortlessly. You're not the lesser for it.
Just like Guts from Berserk, life aint easy, it never will be easy, if you don't have bad experiences you will not be prepared for life :chomp: :guts:
9th of may I finally could go to the eyedoc. They were about to let me wait till june, but I called on the 8th and could go in the next day. My scar has lessened. It's completely ok and I don't have to come for check ups anymore, unless I myself want to check of course. Another thing that was interesting is that they let me look through a small hole with my bad eye, and I could suddenly see the letters on the other side of the room. I asked what was in it, they said nothing. With other words, if the breaking of light is minimized, I have quite a good sight. A very good sign.
I asked if I could get a Scleral lens, and the doc was highly positive about it, he was actually about to suggest it. He just kept reminding me not to get an cornea transplant, since I am still young and technology is developing so quickly, I can likely get a way better operation (if that) in 10 years. I wasn't really planning on anymore.

With that in mind I made an appointment for a scleral lens. I also asked if using day contacts just for a few hour a day would be bad, he said no. The doc thinks that with the scleral lens, I should be able to see really well, I will find out end of March. All excellent news, now the only bad news was that the floater in my left eye is permanent until I am like 60, but alas.
After this, I used a daily contact just in my right eye and the results are tremendous, I suddenly felt like I was present in the world again and my apathy dropped. The blurring was less and the floater was smaller. I could look people in the eye again. Best of all was the psychological effect on me. Like I said before, I hate being forced to do things, not I don't have to anymore. Although I throw a contact away after about an hour and put my glasses back on, it's still my decision when I do this. I feel confident with glasses on now as well, since it is my decision when or if I wear them.

There's still downsides of course here and there, but the psychological effect is complete. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much more can be accomplished (scleral lens and hard contact next month).

I feel like myself again for the first time since September, like I rose from the grave, with 10 years of life experience added. I guess I've learned to never take things for granted. Thanks for having my back these past months guys, for some reason this was the only place where I ended up sharing this. I'll let you know how the Scleral lens works next month, but I guess the journey is kind of coming to an end!
I got fitted for a sceral lens. I put it on, and I looked, and for the first time since september I could read with my left eye. I looked at my hand and I saw my pores again. But it wasn’t done yet, I got it more accurately fitted and was able to read letters on the wall from the otherside of the room. The eye doc told me my vision was at 80%. And even more, with the contact in I could barely even notice the floater. In two weeks I will recieve my own sceral lens. On time for when I visit England for the first time. I will be able to observe the mountains in all their glory. I’ve made it.


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Wow, what fantastic news! That sounds like a huge improvement! You've come a long way, congrats.
Sorry for the late post and thread bump - congrats on that positive update!! It's been about a month since your post and I wanted to ask - how has it been with the new contacts?
Sorry for the late post and thread bump - congrats on that positive update!! It's been about a month since your post and I wanted to ask - how has it been with the new contacts?
Brilliant! I’m currently on vacation with my gf and I’m enjoying everything i see. its like i never lost my eye. The only things are the floaters and the fact that when i take out my contact at night im suddenly just as blind as before and reminded of how it used to be. But I’m extremely grateful just for being able to see 95% again. I’m myself again and feel stronger than ever before, stronger than i wouldve felt if i had not experienced this. 10 years more of life experience almost, I think i mightve said that already in this thread. For me it was an extremely valuable lesson that I’ve learned
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