Japan's former PM Abe Shinzo shot, confirmed dead


“Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has died after being shot during a campaign rally on Friday. The 67-year-old served in the role longer than anyone else in the country's history. Earlier, police arrested a suspect at the scene.

The doctors who treated Abe spoke about the death a short time ago. Doctor Fukushima Hidetada of Nara Medical University said, "We tried to resuscitate him but, unfortunately, he died at 5:03 p.m." The attack happened in the morning in the city of Nara, in western Japan. An NHK reporter was covering the campaign event where Abe had just begun speaking. Shortly before noon, she heard two gunshots before Abe fell to the ground. She recorded as people tackled the suspect. Nearby was the weapon later retrieved by police.

Sources with the investigation tell NHK the gun appeared to be homemade. Abe was touring the country, supporting Liberal Democratic Party candidates running in this weekend's Upper House election. Local party officials say Abe's appearance was set the previous afternoon and then details were released through social media. Police say Yamagami Tetsuya was arrested for attempted murder. The 41-year-old suspect lives in Nara City. Police say the suspect told investigators that he had a grudge against Abe and shot to kill. Defense Ministry sources say he was a member of the Maritime Self-Defense Force for three years until 2005.”
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With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
I saw this last night and it didn't look good, sorry to hear he didn't make it. Also, just not good sign for the state of society in general when you have leaders, even former ones, being assassinated.
Couldn't believe it when I went to bed. I'm honestly shocked, but alas, it seems like gun violence is prevalent enough in the entire world... not happy about this at all...
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