The Struggler is coming.


The Struggler is coming.
Hello, fellow strugglers.
I have an announcement to make, for who's interested in Berserk themed dark fantasy music specifically.

I'm releasing my second Berserk themed concept album, 'The Struggler', by the end of the year.
The first one was self-published in Dec. 2009, and I also shared it here on the forum.
This new installment follows in similar stylistic vein typical of me, hopefully with natural progression: hip-hop based, yet rather alternative, progressive, moody and layered synthopera.

Thematically I wanted to go deeper than previously, when I covered topics and characters track by track. I wanted to get more abstract, cover the emotional landscapes and psychological realities that lie beneath the surface.
Hence it took over a decade for the album to come to fruition. And when it finally did, it just came to me. I only needed to assist in it's incarnation, I felt. I was very pleased with the organic and rather effortless process. Especially when a central piece of the collection, 'A Cursed Boy', came to me unexpectedly, as I thought the tracklist was already finished. Then I knew it was finished: this is what it needs to be, this is it.
In short, as a pitch, the album is a version of the hero's journey, a psychological study of our beloved protagonist, The Struggler.

I released the first single, 'A Dance of Sparks', on the 22nd of September. It represents the beginning of the dark journey, the brighter side of the sonic spectum, when all yet seems to be in place.
Link to the song is attached here.

And, I'm releasing the second single on the 22nd of October, in couple of days. It's called 'Lurking Shadow', and as expected, marks the descent in to darkness. I'll be sure to post it here as it comes out.

I really hope you enjoy the music, I'm eager for it to find it's audience. It has emerged from a true passion for an unique work of art, that has had a profound effect on me since my teenage years in 2009, and stayed with me to this day.

Also check out my socials, and give a follow, if you will. Thank you!

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I just checked out A Dance of Sparks and loved it! This is the kind of stuff I love to draw to, so know your work is inspiring other creatives as well. :D Thanks for sharing the insights about your process, too. Hearing it adds to the experience and appreciation, plus it’s interesting! I’m looking forward to hearing more so I’ll be on the lookout for the release!
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