There should be a lore-only knowledge quiz

I just joined yesterday and was pretty excited to find Azaelh´s educational quiz since I´ve been looking for a good berserk test, questions are great but when I saw queries about specific volumes and chapters I had no idea what the answers were, and no shame either, I personally think it´s not necessary to learn where some panel is located or the volume where some specific event occurs, I'm more about the lore and theories. Although it is convenient to know from the number of a volume what its contents are, I don't think it makes you less of a fan to not know them since people that understand berserk can just ¨story-guide¨ themselves by simply learning the contents of the arcs.


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Yeah well, there are about 300 questions in that quiz, so I had to mix it up and go for a variety of styles. But overall I'd say there aren't that many questions of the sort in there, maybe a tenth in total.

Anyway, by all means feel free to create your own quiz that fits your vision, because I'm not doing another one.
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