BERSERK: Episode 83, The God of the Abyss (2)






... God?











Are you God?...





I am


The Idea



The desired God


The Idea of Evil






This, God? This huge... lump of flesh?...



What you are seeing is a part of me

My core

Look around you





What's this?!...




An ocean of feelings all humans have deep in their souls

A common consciousness that transcends individuality

Their collective consciousness

Its dark side is this swelling ocean

I was born from these swells

As the ego of this world



This world itself is I

The darkness that dwells in every human heart

The Idea of Evil

This is God





God... This...

Does that mean that...

Does that mean that it was humans who created God?

Does that mean that it was humans who desired this?

This terrifying thing?

This... This looks like...





Some call it that







This is just the surface of multiple layers of a whole consciousness

But you know

You know that this place is terribly human


Violence and loneliness

This place is filled with all kinds of blurred negative feelings

It is truly the will that defines human nature






... Yes

it's true

This is... in me

I can feel it

But why?

Why were you born?

Why did humans give birth to this will called God?





Desired reasons


Reasons for pain

Reasons for sadness

Reasons for life

Reasons for death

Reason why their lives were filled with suffering

Reasons why their deaths were absurd

They wanted reasons for the destiny that kept transcending their knowledge






And that was




And I produce those

As it is what I've been brought into existence for

I control fate


Obeying the essence of humankind

I weave every man's destiny






... Does that mean

that you're the one who controls my destiny?...

that you're the one... who arranged everything so that it would be this way?!






It was established that you would be here since a distant past

By influencing the lower levels of human consciousness

And merging blood with blood

I created the lineage that would give birth to the man you are

To pave the way for the times you would be born in

I manipulated History

And created an appropriate context for you

All the encounters you have had so far

Were all a part of the destiny that led you here as well






... The destiny...


God! What do you want from me?!





As you will



I dwell deep in your heart

I am a part of you

You are a part of your kind's consciousness

 A part of me

Your desire is my desire as well

Your actions themselves shall prove to be suitable for your kind as a whole

May those actions bring pain or salvation to the men




As you will


Chosen One





... If so

I want wings




Take within you

The power of feelings this inner world is filled with

And change the physical field that is your body

Into a suitable shape