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Black Sun Over Midland



-September 24, 2000- Upped a new part of the speculations page...This one is about the mysterious inscripture found in the Art book... check it out.

-September 23, 2000- Ok... finished scanning vol 13, but now Im tired..time for break.

-September 22, 2000- Check the manga section, there you have the first couple chapters after the eclipse, fully scannned and translated!

-September 20, 2000-My newest project is scanning the events just after the eclipse, in vol 13 of the manga. Im doing this becuase i have like 10 people asking me what happens afterwords, and i keep telling them to go buy the manga (www.sasugabooks.com) but I'm breaking down and scanning the 3 chapters after the eclipse...They will be up..ohh in about 3-4 days...And finally, after about 9 days of terror, the page-o-holiness, Black Sun Over Midland is back up and running. Thanks skully, for sorting out whatever needed to be sorted out. Its great to have ya back.

-September 19, 2000- I got the newest chapter today, chapter 167, the newest chapter, 168, comes out on the 22nd...but i wont get it until like oct..oh well. Thats shipping for ya. Its scanned, check it out in the manga section
My friend Olivier also had the heart to translate that whole Zodd scene! Hell yes! Seriously folks, lets give a big hand to the man, he truly went out of his way to bring us the goods. go check it out at the Zodd speculations page.

-September 18, 2000- If youre here then you are already at my new site! great! now we have space...Re-arranged the manga section...Im not finished with the Zodd section yet, but i HAVE scanned a scene of vol 17. Look for it in the Speculations page

-September 17, 2000- Fixed some translation errors on the Skull Knight page ( thanks to olivier again ), and then some...i added some more images too, check it out, its well worth the re-visit...For my next trick!!! =) im planning to do an Immortal Zodd speculations page. That should be up by the end of the weekend ( these pages take time ) and you people can thanka good friend, and fellow berserk obcessor named Olivier for the amazing translations we have of scenes in the speculations pages.

-September 15, 2000-
Skull Knight Speculations page is finally done....that took forever, i hope you enjoy it! again, questions, comments, mail em all to me, i love criticisms, especially if im getting some issue/translation totally wrong.

-September 15, 2000- hey hey im back! i added a new section:
speculations. Im going to do a character a night, and tonight, is Gatts. Tomorrow is Skull Knight.

- September 13, 2000- added temp. message board since Black Sun has been down for the last couple days...where is skully? im assuming he is making changes to the current BBS, since he was talking about that for a while...i just hope he comes back soon. Im learning HTML from a friend locally, so this page will be undergoing immense changes in the next few months...although those are famous last words for many a geocities site ive been to... =)

- September 10, 2000- added chapters 165-166 with thumbnails

Here you will find the newest chapters of Berserk, published by Young Animal, written by Kentarou Miura... um legal stuff: I bought it, Hakusensha published it, dont  steal it, and dont share these images without my permission. X