Listed in no particular order, thanks to those who contributed directly and indirectly in the creation of this Encyclopedia.


     Griff has given more than can be accounted for. However, it needs to be mentioned that his original work on the Universe diagram took this project to the next level. He acts as permanent advisor on all things He has never led me wrong, and without him at my side, I would be lost.


     Supplied hundreds of corrections and he even convinced his wife (Puella) to help with translations. The Trading Card Game section was written entirely by Aazealh. He's remained vigilant where I've fallen asleep.


     Puella supplied translations for episode 244, which was crucial in correctly interpreting the Holy See Alliance, featured in the Glossary. She also pointed out several changes and helped with character profile selection.

    Olivier Hague

     The heart of this website; the living, breathing encyclopedia of Berserk knowledge. Every detail of this project was written while keeping in mind his precise scrutiny. Without his guidance, we whould still be denying Griffith's reincarnation and probably still be living in caves.

    Jonathan Obien (AKA Skully)

     Black Sun Over Midland drew me into the series from the very beginning, in 1999. Without your work, this encyclopedia would not exist.

    Kentarou Miura

     Thank you for creating the series to which I've devoted years of my life. Let's do lunch.

    Paradise Lost, Yong, Conan various other Forum members...

     Thank you for giving me a reason to create this central collection of Berserk information. Without their constant barrage of confusion, I would have one less hobby.