The Berserk Encyclopedia

Black Swordsman (Roughly Volumes 1-3)


Guts is the protagonist of Berserk. Born from a corpse, he has been narrowly escaping death his entire life. He has been the commander of the raiders for the 'Band of Hawks', world reknowned as the '100-man slayer', and the 'Black Swordsman.' Branded as a sacrifice to the God Hand, Guts lives in a world between worlds, haunted nightly by demons, ghosts and other foul creatures of hell.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Black Swordsman)


Puck is an elf from Elfhelm, the elven city on the island of Skellig. He and Guts have traveled together for more than two years. While also providing Guts with fairy dust for severe wounds, Puck provides the lighter side to Guts' dark life.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Black Swordsman)

  The Lord of Koka Castle     

The Lord of Koka Castle is one of the first apostles we are shown in Berserk. He has taken control of a city with his by his ferocious and hellborn strength, dominating the town with fear.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Black Swordsman)

  Demon Child    

The premature child of Guts and Casca, tainted by Femto. The child accepted an evil nature during its birth and consequently is bound to the astral world. Though it is evil by nature, it still retains the kindred bond with Guts and Casca and helps each of them on their journies.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Black Swordsman)

  The Count    

The count was once a strong war general and ruled his kingdom fairly, but after he found his wife in a large pagan orgy, he sacrificed her and became an Apostle of the God Hand. Afterwards, his kingdom was enveloped in darkness. The one light left in his life was his daughter, Theresa

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Revenge 1: Desire's Guardian Angels 1)


The Count's head bodyguard who fails in his attempt to capture Guts on several occasions. Zondark is transformed by the Count and fights with Guts twice more, in his new, transformed body. Guts makes short work of him, despite his horrifying mutation.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Revenge 1: Desire's Guardian Angels 1)


Vargas was once the Count's doctor, but when his master became an Apostle, Vargas was one of the first to see his true form. After witnessing horror after horror, Vargas attempted to flee the castle with his wife and two sons. However, members of the Count's staff captured him as he fled. His family was executed and Vargas was tortured by the Count, leaving him horribly disfigured. Vargas now lives only to see the Count's downfall.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Revenge 1: Desire's Guardian Angels 1)


Also known as the 'Egg of the King', Little is known about this hellborn ornament's origin, but it acts as a key between the astral and physical worlds. Beherits are, in their two variations, the source of all the apostle and God Hand births. Once they are activated, the God Hand are summoned and give the summoner the opportunity to exchange that which he or she holds most dear in their hearts to achieve their dream. But only the Beherit knows its true owner and time.

First Appearance: Volume 1 (Revenge 1: Desire's Guardian Angels 1)


Theresia is the Count's only heir. Her mother was sacrificed for the Count's entry as an apostle. When she discovers her father's true form and his bloody past, it is too late for forgiveness, as the Count is cast down into hell before her eyes. Since Guts was the cause of her father's death and her own misfortune, Theresia vows vengeance on him. Guts encourages it. However, she has not been seen since this incident.

First Appearance: Volume 2 (Revenge 2: Desire's Guardian Angels 2)


Slan is the only female member of the God Hand. The God Hand are 5 angels/demons rule over a layer of hell, the Nexus, where they oversee Causality. When summoned by Beherits they empower would-be apostles. The God Hand thrive on negative emotions in humans, and have been seen taking form in places of concentrated fear, death, hate, fornication and other human extravagances. Their only superior is the god, the Idea of Evil.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)


Ubik is a member of God Hand, who resembles a floating old man with glasses. He floats on top of strange fins.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)


Void is the assumed leader of the God Hand. His past, as well as the nature of the God Hand still lies in deep mystery.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)


Femto is the newest and final member of the God Hand. He was once Griffith, leader of the 'Band of the Hawk'. With Femto's entry to the God Hand, they become complete, and their agenda begins to unfold.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)


There isn't much to say about Conrad's personality, as he never seems to say anything. Conrad is always seen as a bald man with his mouth open and his hands calmly together.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)


The antagonist of the series. There are those who are born as keys that set the world in motion. Griffith's ambition is to discover if he is meant for that power. Griffith is the foil of Guts. Once they met on the battlefield both of their lives began to change dramatically. As long as Griffith had Guts at his side in the Band of the Hawk, his dream seemed inevitable. But Causality is inescapable, and Griffith eventually ascended to God Hand's rank as their new prince. Griffith will achieve his dream, no matter the cost...

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 6: Desire's Guardian Angels 4)

Golden Age (Roughly Volumes 4-13)


Gambino is a popular mercenary among his Band who raised Guts until he was 9 years old. This haggard rogue is the closest thing to a father Guts ever had. He taught him the harsh reality of the battlefield, and the basics of swordsmanship, but also sold him into prostitution. Gambino loses his love Shisu because of a mysterious disease, which he believes was caused by Guts, and later loses his leg in a skirmish. Insane from grief and loss, Gambino tries to kill Guts as he sleeps. Guts kills him in self defense.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 9: Golden Age 1)


Gambino's lover, who rescued the newborn Guts from death. She raised him as her own, taking the place of the miscarriage she had recently had. But Shisu grew deathly ill from an unknown disease, to the point of insanity. She died clutching Guts' hand.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 9: Golden Age 1)


The hideous man who raped Guts when he was still a vulnerable child. Rumor has it that Donovan bought Guts for a night from Gambino. Guts eventually kills Donovan and he dies a horribly embarassing death, teaching Guts his first lesson in revenge. But Donovan left an impact on Guts that he doesn't acknowledge until a dangerous moment.

First Appearance: Volume 3 (Revenge 9: Golden Age 1)


A heavily armored mercenary fighting to defend a castle. Bazuso has a fearsome reputation among mercenaries, known as the 30-man slayer. When Guts brings him down, he seizes the attention of Griffith and the Band of Hawks.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 11: Golden Age 3)


A cynical member of the Band of Hawks. Corcas harbors a deep resentment of Guts' quick rise to fame within the Hawks and refuses to believe that Guts could ever be the equal of someone like Griffith. Though he has some trademark villainous qualities, he is deeply loyal to Griffith.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 12: Golden Age 4)


The only female member of the Band of Hawks. Casca is a strong-willed leader, driven to succeed for her saviour, Griffith. Initially, she despised Guts because of his effect on Griffith, but she quickly realized that she mistook hatred for love. However, her time with Guts is brief and tragic.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 12: Golden Age 4)


An easygoing tactician in the Hawks. Judo's knowledge of the human heart is more valuable than his skill on the battlefield. He helps Guts and Casca realize their feelings for each other. Modest to a fault, Judo's heroic actions protect Casca to his own doom.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 12: Golden Age 4)


The youngest member of The Hawks. Rickert is in charge of gathering and preparing weaponry for battles and seeing over the wounded. He has a strong bond with Pippin, the polar opposite of Rickert's appearance but kindred in personality, they are both gentle and giving. Rickert is one of the only surviving members of the Hawks, and for a short time he trained as a blacksmith under the apprenticeship of Godo. Rickert's current wherabouts are unknown.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 13: Golden Age 5)


A giant man of few words Pippin is cunningly smart and as pulled the Hawks out of several tight situations with his keen intuition on the battlefield. Kindred to Rickert's gentle nature, they were rarely apart.

First Appearance: Volume 4 (Revenge 13: Golden Age 5)

  King of Midland    

Once regarded as the most successful King Midland has had in centuries, he ruled his country fairly during the hundred-years war with Midland's neighbor the Tudor Empire. The King placed great faith in Griffith during the war. Afterwards, he quickly unraveled when Griffith, having slept with Princess Charlotte touched upon a terrible secret regarding the King's feelings for the Princess. He was driven insane and led a futile hunt for Griffith in the last years of his life, dying as the Kushan Empire invaded his borders and layed siege to his Kingdom.

First Appearance: Volume 5 (Episode 001: Sword of Wind)


The second in command of the raiding team of the Band of Hawks. Gaston is passionate about his duties and extremely loyal to Guts, even going so far as to suggest breaking off from the Hawks to form a gang of thieves with Guts as the leader. Unfortunately for Gaston, his post-Hawks career is cut short.

First Appearance: Volume 5 (Episode 002: Nosferatu Zodd [1])


The mysterious swordsman Nosferatu Zodd is said to have wandered battlefields for over 300 years, slaughtering hundreds in his wake. Guts has encountered him several times in his travels and each battle has been to the edge of death, sometimes for both of them. His rivalry with the Skull Knight shows that he is more honorable than the average apostle. But, at his core, his loyalty is with the God Hand.

First Appearance: Volume 5 (Episode 002: Nosferatu Zodd [1])


Count Julius is brother to the King of Midland, and next in line as heir of the throne. He is deeply resentful of Griffith's success, as Griffith is of common blood. Together with his lover, the Queen of Midland, they will stop at nothing to secure his claim on the throne and rid the country of Griffith. Julius is too bold however, and in a counter-assassination, Guts takes his life.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 007: Sword Master [2])


The sole Princess of Midland. Charlotte is naive and shy but she opens up to Griffith after they first meet and takes a great liking to his boyish mannerisms. In a rush of desperation, Griffith seduces Charlotte, turning the King's adoration of him to hatred. But, when the King dies, Charlotte becomes the sole inheritor of the Midland Kingdom. Captured and imprisoned by Ganishka, Charlotte is freed by Griffith in a blitzkrieg rescue mission on the Kushan-infested Wyndham.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 007: Sword Master [2])


The Minister of State, Foss was once a manipulative member of Midland's inner court. Griffith was able to blackmail him and through his machinations, the Queen and his own fellow conspirators die fiery deaths. After these events, he renounced his ways and became a peaceful member of the Midland Court. Now, Foss leads a Resistance against the Kushan invasion of Wyndham.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 007: Sword Master [2])


Son of Count Julius, Adonis was likely to become the General of the White Hawk army, but his life is cut short in a mistaken assassination by Guts.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 010: Assassin [3])

  Queen of Midland    

The second wife of the King of Midland. She is the head of Midland's inner circle and the lover of Count Julius. When he was assassinated, the Queen set plans into motion to have Griffith assassinated in return. But Griffith forsaw this and her plans fail. She dies a fiery death along with her conspirators.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 013: Departure for the Front)


An incapable general of the Tudor Army. Adon's resilience and extended speeches are legendary.

First Appearance: Volume 6 (Episode 014: Battle)


Gennon is an ex-Midland lord that changed sides and now rules over Doldrey Castle, a critical fortress in the 100-years war. Once the commander of the northern front line of the Tudor empire, his position was granted only by his considerable wealth. He is an eccentric with an unsavory appetite for young male servants. He and Griffith shared a night together for the price of a war chest, necessary for the early Hawks' army. Gennon dies on the battlefield by Griffith's sword.

First Appearance: Volume 7 (Episode 017: Casca [3])


Brother of Adon and one of Tudor's strongest warriors, Samson wields a huge ball and chain and wears armor as thick as a tree. In a duel with Guts however, he fails miserably.

First Appearance: Volume 7 (Episode 019: Decision's Deadline [2])


Commander of the Tudor Empire's forces, Boscone is renowned as the most powerful Tudor soldier. While he shows great promise as a great tactician, while he is under the control of Gennon, he cannot command the battlefield to his utmost. He died in the siege of Doldrey, during a heated duel with Guts.

First Appearance: Volume 7 (Episode 022: Bonfire of Dreams)


A high-ranking noble in Midland's Court, Raban is knowledgable of Midland's war strategies and has great faith in Griffith's abilities. He has since joined the Midland resistance with Minister Foss against the Kushan invasion.

First Appearance: Volume 7 (Episode 022: Bonfire of Dreams)


Like Raban, Owen is of similar rank and respect for Griffith. Together, they are the most humanitarian among Midland's nobles. Owen was last seen in Vritannis, arguing with nobles about the dissolution of Midland.

First Appearance: Volume 7 (Episode 023: Capture of Doldrey [1])

  Skull Knight    

Skull Knight's 1000 year-long past is a mystery. While he bears a resemblance to Emperor Gaiseric and fights against evil, little else is known. He has known the witch Flora for several hundred years, and was the previous owner of Berserk's Armor. He has helped Guts on several occasions out of tight situations and by giving critical information. He fights at least on par with Zodd and is feared by Apostles.

First Appearance: Volume 9 (Episode 037: Skull Knight)


Heir to the Bakiraka clan of the Kushan Empire. Silat is a fierce warrior who proved himself in a Battle Tournament after the 100-years war. Using strange weaponry such as the katars, Silat's technique is deadly. While he was defeated by Guts twice, Silat and his Kushan assassins are more than a match for most human adversaries. He now works for Ganishka, though their alliance is wavering.

First Appearance: Volume 9 (Episode 041: Competition Meeting)


Godot's foster grandaughter. Erica was found on a battlefield in the arms of her dying mother. Godot took her in and raised her as his own. In spite of Godot's rugged personality, his adoptive daughter grew into a cheerful and happy young girl. She now travels with Rickert.

First Appearance: Volume 10 (Episode 048: Sparks)


The blacksmith who pieced together Guts' 'Black Swordsman' armor and forged the Dragon Slayer. Godot was previously the blacksmith of a king, but fell out of favor when he forged the unelegant Dragon Slayer, as a contest among blacksmiths to create a sword capable of killing a dragon. Escaping execution, Godo fled to a small cottage in the mountains where he spent the rest of his days forging for mercenaries.

First Appearance: Volume 10 (Episode 048: Sparks)


A troubled teenaged Apostle who created a haven for children in the Misty Valley. She rules over the Valley, terrorizing the local village with her Quasi-Apostles, kidnapping children. Rochine has idealistic intentions, but they are short sighted. Her dedication to freeing children from the adult world produces horrifying results.

First Appearance: Volume 10 (Episode 051: Eve of the Festival [1])


The Bakiraka are an excommunicated clan originally from the Kushan Empire. Robbed of their land for an unknown reason, many of the Bakiraka sell their deadly skills to the highest bidder. The King of Midland employed these five assassins to eliminate Griffith and his entourage during their escape from Wyndham.

1) A thin, tall man with Claws.

2) A very fat, round man, who is nearly invisible in water.

3) A very small man, that can fit in small places.

4) A large bulky man who can hurl spears at long distances.

5) A woman who uses black powder and fire to torch her enemies.

However, as they are a clan, they are not limited to these five members. Silat, the Tapasa, and the hooded assassins are all members of the clan.

First Appearance: Volume 10 (Episode 055: Road of Blood)


A notorious Apostle, and leader of the tyrannical Black Dog Knights, a band of criminals and rapists. After the Bakiraka's failure, the brutal strength of Wyald was the last weapon for the King to send after Griffith and the Hawks. Wyald's Apostle form obliterates his own group and several of the Hawks. But when he threatens Griffith's life, Zodd steps in to protect the interests of the God Hand.

First Appearance: Volume 10 (Episode 058: Flower on the Castle of Stone)

  Idea of Evil    

The Idea of Evil is man’s desired God. Born from man’s dark feelings, it is a common consciousness that transcends individuality, acting as the ego of the world. Man desired a reason for the destiny that kept transcending its knowledge. The Idea of Evil provides that reason by manipulating human events through causality. It lies deep in the Abyss, weaving its web of causality to float up to the surface of the Physical world.

First Appearance: Volume 13 (Episode 082: God of the Abyss [1])

Retribution (Roughly Volumes 14-21)


Once a proud knight of the Holy See's Holy Iron Chain Knights (H.I.C.K.s), an army composed of the sons of wealthy nobles. Azan is skilled with the quarterstaff, and was once known as the Bridge Knight, for an incredible feat, decades ago. Once fiercely loyal to the Holy See, what he witnessed at Albion may have shattered his religious career. He was last seen in Vritannis, as something of a vagabond.

First Appearance: Volume 14 (Episode 095: Lost Children: Return of The Black Swordsman)


Farnese's closest friend since childhood, and secretly her half-brother, Serpico is loyal to Farnese above anyone and everything else. A cunning warrior in combat, Serpico has survived two duels with Guts. Though Serpico is wary of Guts' influence on Farnese, after their most recent duel, their partnership was rekindled.

First Appearance: Volume 14 (Episode 095: Lost Children: Return of The Black Swordsman)


A daughter of the powerful Vandimion lineage in Vritannis, Farnese was a troubled, spoiled child. At adolescence, she was appointed General of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, following an old tradition of a female figurehead. Her tenacity for hunting witches and heretics once bordered on insanity, but after her several run-ins with Guts, Farnese's world view shattered. Now she travels with Guts, a disciple of the man who she once swore to kill. She has even taken up a magic apprenticeship with Schierke, to learn more about the nature of the world.

First Appearance: Volume 14 (Episode 095: Lost Children: Return of The Black Swordsman)


A young girl living in a town near the Misty Valley. Her childhood friend Roshinu dissapeared one day. After that, Jill's life turned nightmarish. But, when Guts comes through town, she escapes her abusive father and his drunkard friends. With Guts, Jill thinks she's found a way out of her rut. But, after a battle with Roshinu, Guts has to leave Jill behind. Though, now she has hope.

First Appearance: Volume 14 (Episode 095: Lost Children: Return of The Black Swordsman)


Father of Jill, Zepec gets violently drunk and preaches stories of how he and his friends valiantly defended their town, decades ago. In truth, no battle was ever fought. A true peon of a man, Zepec sells out information on Guts to the Holy Iron Chain Knights in the hopes it will bring him riches.

First Appearance: Volume 14 (Episode 097: Jill)


A fairy tale character told to children in the town around the Misty Valley. Pikaf was born with red eyes and pointy ears; outcast from his friends. He went into the Misty Valley to find out who he was and discovered others like himself. These fairies told him that his parents had killed themselves to save him when he was a child. Pikaf didn't believe it, and ran home. But decades had passed and now he was alone.

First Appearance: Volume 15 (Episode 102: Red-Eyed Pikaf)

  Beast of Darkness    

The Beast is a manifestation of all the hatred and evil that dwells within Guts’ soul; the monster he has become as a result of the life he’s led as the Black Swordsman. During those times, Guts and the Beast were in complete harmony; one in body and mind. The conflict came about when Guts tried to return to a more civilized existence with Caska. Guts’ quest for vengeance had changed him; he had become apathetic about his horrendous actions. But, that acceptance was only the first step. After time, things he was barely capable of before were now only second nature to him. The Beast continually urges Guts to give in to his dark desires, to kill Caska and return to his hunt for vengeance without concern for anything else. Though Guts resists, he can’t help but listen.

First Appearance: Volume 16 (Episode 118: Beast of Darkness)


The Holy See's chief inquisitor in Albion. Mozgus is driven by his pure devotion to God. His zealous purging of the slums of Albion quickly spreads a shadow of fear over the city. Altered drastically by the Beherit-Apostle, Mozgus is transformed into a quasi-apostle, and dies in an epic battle with Guts, amidst the crumbling tower of Albion.

First Appearance: Volume 17 (Episode 132: To the Holy Land [2])


During Mozgus' rise to power, he rescued several tortured souls; outcasts from society, too disfigured to live with the rest of humanity. Mozgus gave each of them a purpopse and taught them not to abhor their mutations, but to see them as gifts from God. With his guidance and perseverance, they each became both civil and loyal to Mozgus. He now employs them as his personal escorts, and bodyguards. They would do anything for their master.

First Appearance: Volume 17 (Episode 132: To the Holy Land [2])


A stunning young woman working as a prostitute in the corrupt city of Albion. Luca is the mother-figure of several other prostitutes and shares her earnings with them, looking after all of them as if they were her own daughters. She has gained the attention of Jerome, a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Her life slowly begins to change once she meets her friend Erica (Casca).

First Appearance: Volume 17 (Episode 132: To the Holy Land [2])


A thief, runaway and one of the youngest members of Guts' Band. Isidro is training under Guts, chasing his dream to be the greatest swordsman in the world. With some training and the his flame dagger, he manages to hold his own against brutal monsters.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 133: Kushan Militia [1])


These four (perhaps now only two) Bakiraka are the personal bodyguards of Silat. Each of these four men have knots on their knuckles and mysterious markings on their foreheads.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 134: Kushan Militia [2])


A young noble in the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Jerome is romantically involved with Luca and even has plans for her to be his mistress, after his duty with Holy Iron Chain Knights is up. While he is a soldier of the Holy See, he doesn't necessarily believe in their cause and consistently acts contrary to their beliefs.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 136: Shadow of the Tower [2])

  Prostitutes of Albion    

Young girls who once worked the streets of Albion for survival. These girls look to Luca as their protector and mother-figure. Without Luca, they would probably wouldn't survive. After the events at Albion, they went to live with Jerome and Luca.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 136: Shadow of the Tower [2])


A young, reckless prostitute. Nina was briefly involved with a cult who held orgies in a cave, worshipping the Goddess of Fire. She is romantically involved with Joachim, and even forced him to be involved in the cult to prove his love to her. During her ordeal in the cave, Nina contracted a disease similar to tuberculosis.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 136: Shadow of the Tower [2])


A timid boy who once lived in the slums of Albion. He is in love with Nina and meekly courts her. After the ordeal in the orgy cave, Joachim's fate was tied to the Beherit-Apostle. But now, Joachim and Nina travel together.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Episode 136: Shadow of the Tower [2])


Once a deformed outcast from society, the Beherit-Apostle looked out at the huge city of Albion and was extremely curious about these strange beings who beat him and created their own hell. He realized the world was in shambles and when he found the Beherit, he sacrificed the world he knew for his one wish: for a saviour to cleanse this world into Perfection.

First Appearance: Volume 18 (Exact Episode is debateable)

Millennium Falcon (Roughly Volumes 22-current)


One of many young boys able to see fairies deep in the woods around his village. A boy with the same name is also featured in the Dreamcast game, Berserk: Guts Rage as an Apostle.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 179: The Tattered World)


A teenaged girl born with the gift of prophecy. After a Kushan invasion of her hometown, Sonia becomes entranced by the symbol of the Hawk. When Griffith comes to "rescue" the village, she falls in love. Now she acts as tactician by using her gift to aid Griffith in battle. Seemingly knowing no fear, she is perfectly calm around the Apostles in Griffith's Army.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 184: Kushan Invasion)


Locus, "The Moonlight Knight" is a legendary hero of Midland. His exploits are even told to children as bedtime stories. His undefeated title in tournaments causes him to be so proud that he will not serve under an inferior leader. Locus volunteered to serve Griffith's Army, following an Oracle, and now he is in charge of new recruits, as well as the Cavalry.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 185: Winds of Change[1])


Exiled from the Kushan clan of Bakiraka, Rakshas is a mystery. His motivation for allying with Griffith is so he can ensure that one day he can cut off his beautiful head. Rakshas commands the demon search and destroy squad.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Another Legendary Hero of the war. During the Midland's 100-year war with Tudor, Grunbeld long with 100 troops held a northern village against 3000 troops. Strikingly tall, Grunbeld's arsenal includes a canon, a shield with blades and a mighty War Hammer.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


An apprentice witch being taught by Flora. Schierke is extremely knowledgable about the creatures and arts of the Astral world. With that Astral and Physical worlds merging, her expertise is essential to Guts' party. Her disbelief in Guts ability shows her naivete but she is slowly learning that by his side, she is part of a much larger fate than she could have forseen.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Schierke's Supervisor, a female elf. Evarella has just as smart a mouth as Puck. She helps Schierke to train in her witch schooling, and even saves her life once.

First Appearance: Volume 22 (Episode 186: Winds of Change[2])


Son of the Lord of Lumias Castle, Mule is the last surviving heir to his castle, but is leading the last remaining forces to drive out the Kushans. Mule's army encounters Griffith's and witnesses the overpowering forces of the Apostle Army. Shortly after, in a flood of emotion, Mule confusedly swears his allegiance to Griffith.

First Appearance: Volume 23 (Episode 191: Reunion in the Wilderness)


The silent archer. Irvine has no visible eyes, however there is a glaring, Apostle eye on his demonic bow, however. Irvine is the captain of the Archers in Griffith's Apostle Army.

First Appearance: Volume 23 (Episode 192: Demon Army)


A predatory race from the dark nightmare world of the Qliphoth. Trolls are supposed to only be astral creatures, but since Griffith's rebirth, they were thrust onto this physical world. Since then, they have been invading villages and impregnating women, specifically in the Enoch Village. Mindless and savage, packs of Trolls will even attack and devour each other.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 197: Trolls)


A native of the Enoch Village, Morgan once stumbled upon Flora's Tree Mansion looking in desperation for a cure for his mother. Recently, he was sent out as an envoy to Flora to find a weapon to use against the Trolls. Morgan returns to the Enoch village with Guts and his party.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 199: House of the Spirit Tree [1])


An ancient and wise witch, Flora lives in a treehouse safely within the borders of the Interstice, protected by barriers and Golems. Long time friends with the Skull Knight, Flora helps Guts and his party as a favor to him. Her knowledge of the magical world and beyond is perhaps more than any other human.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 200: House of the Spirit Tree [2])


The Priest of Enoch village holds more sway than the Mayor on controversial issues. When Guts and his party come to help with the Troll extermination, the Priest is reluctant to house outcasts and heretics. Though he is initially adamant about his religion, after the events at the temple later that day, his beliefs loosen to incorporate Schierke's philosophy.

First Appearance: Volume 24 (Episode 204: The Enoch Village)

  The Four Kings of the World    

The four guardian angels of the borders of the world dwell in the heart of the Astral world. They govern over the spiritual elements of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. They are even documented in the Holy See's bible, though most priests still deny the existence of magic. They are the most powerful astral incarnations.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 209: Magic)


A huge and powerful creature from the Qliphoth. Like the Trolls, the Ogre isn't supposed to exist in the physical world. When he stumbles into the Enoch village in response to the massive Astral disturbance in the area, he uses anything he can to pulverize his enemies. However, he is about as smart as the Trolls.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 210: True Prayer)


A legendary sea monster rumored to drown travelers. The Kelpie has mid-level water elemental abilities and can propel missiles or even drown an opponent by forcing water over their mouth. In the rain, a Kelpie is extremely dangerous.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 211: Evil Horde [1])

  Lady of the Depths    

A water-elemental that was once worshipped in the Enoch Village, the Holy See's temple was built on top of her shrine, and she was neglected for over a century. When Schierke discovers her vengeful power, she cannot contain it, and the village is flooded by a torrential tidal wave.

First Appearance: Volume 25 (Episode 213: Torrent)


Dwelling in the Qliphoth, the cute Chimimôryô are harmless nightmare creatures that some child dreamed up.

First Appearance: Volume 26 (Episode 216: Qliphoth)


A powerful apostle and emperor of the Kushan Empire. As Griffith's main political adversary, Ganishka is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield with the ability to become a huge and powerful fog. Utilizing dark arts, he has created an army of demons, the Daka.

First Appearance: Volume 27 (Episode 231: Demon Emperor)


The Daka are human-inseminated apostle-spawn. By chaining a huge mass of apostles together and feeding them live human women (Midlanders), the Daka are born in the Astral realm, within the Apostles. They are fed human meat and live only to serve their master, Ganishka.

First Appearance: Volume 27 (Episode 232: Demon Army)

  Mysterious Child    

A mysterious child found by Casca on the ocean shore one night. Casca shows great affection for the apparent mute which bears a strong resemblance to both Casca and Guts. When seeing him, Guts is reminded of he and Casca's deformed Demon Child, last seen being absorbed by the Beherit-Apostle just before Griffith's reincarnation at Albion.

First Appearance: Volume 28 (Episode 238: Child in the Moonlight)


A Kushan caster, and the leader of Ganishka's naval forces. Daiba uses powerful magic with brief incantations.

First Appearance: Volume 28 (Episode 243: Superior Being)


The youngest son of the Vandimion family. Magnifico longs to take on positions of influence like his brothers and father. But he has been denied his place among their ranks by his father. Magnifico now seeks more devious means of matching their ranks.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 250: Vandimion)

  Federico Vandimion     

The head of the richest and most powerful family on the continent. The Vandimion family's influence even spans into the upper echelon of the Holy See. He is perceived as a very cold man, who even uses his family members to oil the cog of his machine of power.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 250: Vandimion)


Childhood friend of Magnifico and the fiancé of Farnese. Roderick is third in line for the throne of Eath and is also a Captain of the Eath Fleet, which is the forefront of the Vritannis Alliance Navy.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 252: White Lily in the Field)

  Lady Vandimion     

Wife of Lord Vandimion and mother of Magnifico and Farnese. A true woman of the court, after decades of their hollow marriage, Lady Vandimion sees her husband as weak and scheming. When she learns of Magnifico's machinations for Farnese, she takes an active role in complicating his scheme.

First Appearance: Volume 29 (Episode 253: Mother)