An introduction 20 years late...

Hi all,

New member; first post.

I got into Berserk in 2002/2003. Like many people at the time I watched the 1997 anime first then began reading the manga at some point soon after.

I recall at the time I caught up, Guts had just obtained the Berserker armour and the Grunbeld fight was just over. It was an incredible ride getting to that part. Berserk was one of the first manga I ever read and of course, it set a bar that very few series could even come close to reaching. Not long after catching up I started the painful wait between breaks, which lasted almost 20 years.

Admittedly the first time I rushed through the available episodes. It wasn't until the point I obtained the Dark Horse volumes later that I had another read through. I'm probably due another read at some point too, although ever since Miura's passing I find the thought painful.

That day was absolutely devastating. I didn't want to accept it, I still don't. Honestly, I was always a bit skeptical Berserk would be finished, so the pain I feel wasn't just due to that. It's the fact we lost one of the greatest talents of our time so young, with his ambitions left unfulfilled. It's just so sad and always will be. Alas, such is the nature of this world.

Anyway why did I wait so long to join this community? Honestly, I don't recall if I maybe signed up an account on all old variant of this forum long ago, but for most of the time I've honestly found the community a bit intimidating. I haven't dug anywhere near as deep into the Berserk lore as a lot of people here and the discussions that happen seemed to mostly be on a level I wasn't equipped to participate in. I also had a sense I may clash with some personalities here.

So why now? Because I want to discuss the continuation and I feel that more voices from long-term fans could have value on that subject. And, this is the place to do it.

Anyway I'll leave that for the continuation threads though. My participation may be sparse as per my timeline you can probably tell I'm no spring chicken. For now, thank you for having me.
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