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I was wondering if you guys had any ideas, especially as Berserk fans :guts:, since my girlfriend and I will be traveling to Japan in April 2024 (specifically, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka).

Any favorite locations, amazing restaurants, or hidden bookshops? I'd love to hear it!
Akihabara should be the default one if you plan on going. Never been there myself but there should be some Berserk stuff around there
Ok, if you want the best anime store in JP, in my opinion before anyone else gets mad, it's the Nakano Broadway shopping mall. It is filled with anime stores that have both new and used merchandise including some really rare stuff. While you are in Nakano check out the bar "Juke 80's." It's an 80's music themed bar that is a total blast. Everyone there is obsessed with western music and culture so many of them speak English. I literally have had multiple people coming up to me and going "Do you watch Friends?! I learned English watching it on Netflix!" If you are a fan of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" there is also a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure themed bar in Nakano. My favorite restaurant in Nakano is a steak house called "Steaktei Nakano" it has a statue of Joe Yabuki sitting out front so you can't miss it. Also, even though it's steak it's reasonably priced.

For getting to Nakano the Chuo-Sobu line hits both Akihabara and Nakano since you're going to be in Tokyo. You can also take the Chuo-Sobu to Shinjuku which is a very famous area. Kabuki-Cho is an area within Shinjuku which both Ichi the Killer and the Yakuza games heavily feature. Also, if you're looking for the best Ramen in Japan, again my opinion, check out Jiro Ramen in Kabuki-Cho. I have a meeting to go to but I'll think of other stuff, lol.

Any other anime you're a fan of? I know a bar that appears in Akagi and some other otaku hot spots like the Shrine from Tenchi Muyo, lol.
lol, I'm realizing I should also give you a couple cultural spots. Very cool famous shrines in Kyoto are Kiyomizu Dera and Fushimi Inari, both have pretty big uphill hikes but there's stuff all along the way so feel free to tap out if you have to.

In Tokyo if you go to the Imperial Palace the Museum of Modern Art as well as the "one of a kind" in the whole world "Parasite Museum" are literally across the street.

Osaka has the obvious cultural hot spot of Osaka Castle but something really cool you should check out if it's open is "The Tower of The Sun." It is heavily featured in some manga and anime like 20th Century Boys and Crayon Shin-Chan but it's also just one of the coolest things ever! haha
Shopping-wise Shibuya and Shinjuku are tough to beat. The Akihabara district as previously mentioned is heaven for old-school video games and nerd-themed content, Harajuku is no slouch either. The Meiji-Jingu temple is beautiful and a must-see in Tokyo. If you can, take the Romance Car from Shinjuku Station down to Hakone for a day, the scenery there is stunning and you can catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji (if weather permits).

There are several really cool alleyway-type areas packed with tiny (delicious) restaurants and bars in Shinjuku, the most famous being Omoide Yokochō (or "Piss Alley" as some like to call it). If you like bar-hopping, the Golden Gai district in Kabuchiko, Shinjuku is a lot of fun, one place in particular "Deathmatch in Hell" is awesome; heavy metal and horror-themed with all beverages at 666 yen.
You'll definitely run into some Berserk stuff there while exploring. When I went I came across this in a Shinjuku shopping mall (obviously too pricy for me to buy, but still really cool nonetheless).




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So, currently in Japan, bought a Berserk "Special Edition" in Akihabara yesterday... no idea what it means but the "Drama CD" (Google Lens translation) intruiged me and it was only 20€ so I bought it.


It was also either this volume or volume 42, so there wasn't much of a decision. Anyone watched the CD content before?

Just found @cijhho123's post about it here. Seems like it's worth it!
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