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Today’s cooking with Saiyajin No Ouji

As many of you requested, here is my thread about the joys of cooking.

Today’s meal is…. Home made pizza!

A quick picture of my main ingredients!

EDIT: I have garlic salt in there but I made a mistake! It should be Garlic POWDER.

The following measurements make about 2 good size pizza’s. Cut these in half to make one or double up to make 4! (You know you want to!)

½ cup warm water (40C degrees)
3 and a half cups flour (All purpose bleached or all purpose non-bleached are ok)
2 tablespoons yeast (Any yeast is ok)
1 and a half table spoons white sugar
½ cup milk
2 table spoons cooking oil
Lot’s of patience

1. Dough making!

Get a mixing bowl and dump your water into it. Put half a table spoon of sugar and a table spoon of yeast into it. I stir it with a fork to really mix the sugar and yeast together. Once you mix it quickly, let sit for 5 minutes.

After that, dump a cup and a half of flour into it, along with your milk, the rest of the sugar, cooking oil, rest of the yeast, and a BAM of salt!

Stir one direction 50 times, then the other direction 50 times.

Add the rest of your flour and stir that son of a bitch around until it gets rid of its stickiness and toss that bad boy to a floured surface and let sit for 10 minutes. Should look something like this.

While waiting get another large bowl and oil it up.

After that, kneed that mofo for 5 to 10 minutes.

Once done I slam it on the table or where ever you’re kneading it at a couple of times to make it in a nice ball and place it in the bowl. Get a wash cloth and get it wet with warm water, drain the towel and place it on your bowl. Wait…. 1 fucking hour!

Time to play some WAR (or what ever you want to do to pass the time) in the mean time!

"Look at dat fuggin Squiga."

Last part!

If you have gone past an hour, don’t worry about it. Dough should be double its size roughly so now its time get a little bit of flower on your knuckles and punch the dough down the middle and cover it back up with the towel. During this time preheat your oven to 190C or 375F.

During this time cook up your toppings. I am going with a simple set of just pepperoni and chunks of Jimmy Dean Sausage!

When your toppings are done, go ahead and lay some flour down on an area, which you will be kneading your dough a little more. Once it is ready, oil up your hands and get the dough out! Start kneading it for a few minutes and start making it into your basic pizza shape! Since I only have a conventional oven, I have to make mine into a square, but its all good!

Once its down, get your cooking sheet and put some foil on it and oil it up lightly. Put your pizza crust onto it and load up your toppings. By this time your oven should be done preheating. Your pizza should look something like this!

Wife messed up the photo! Sorry for the blurriness! :judo:

Put that bastard in the oven and cook it for 17 minutes!

Look at that fucking pizza. God damn does it look tasty…




Hope you guys and gals get a chance to try it out! I am sure it will be just as tasty if not better then mine! Tomorrow I will make another post with tomorrow side dish being... Macaroni and cheese!

handsome rakshas

Thanks Grail!
I endorse this this thread and will be personally trying out these recipes and posting the tasty results! Thank you for starting the thread Saiya, this was a much needed topic!

Your son is a handsome dude just like his dad! YAY! Mac and Cheese tomorrow!


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Hahaha that looks really nice man, makes me salivate just to look at it. And Yujiro looks awesome! :guts:

To contribute, here's something I made years ago:


I remember feeling queasy after eating it...


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Thanks for the kind words you two. I have a left over pizza now and a ton of dough left! That "dough" recipe is really a bread recipe that I found on the internet. It makes awesome bread, especially when used for French Toast. Mmmmm. :beast:
That's awesome!!! Those pictures made it so much easier to follow... seriously, I kind of cross my eyes when I look at an ingredient list sometimes, and seeing a one-shot of the basics all put together really made me go "ah-ha! I have the stuff/missing something" real quick.

But really, my guy went to culinary school so he usually ends up cooking around here, and when he makes dough, I just can't pay attention to learn how to make it myself (it's just so boring :judo:). With your comprehensive guide here, I feel like a cooking knucklehead like me can get this right.

It's great that you not only explain it like a human being (some recipes alienate me with how they explain things), I can also visualize (and compare!) my progress with your awesome pictures, and I get an idea of like, what size bowl I should be using (I'm kind of neurotic when it comes to cooking due to how bad the thing usually comes out). Why don't professional recipe sites do it this way? They're so intimidating :(

So thanks a bunch, and this is a great idea. :serpico:


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Aazealh said:

Damn man! That's huge and looks awesome. Gave it any name yet to that breakfast tower?!

And sayia nice thread! I think I'll try some of your recipes at some point considering I always cook the same shit over and over and if I try something new well like spineylamb says it usually turns out bad and unlike her I don't have a gal at all to help me cook hehe.


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jackson_hurley said:
Damn man! That's huge and looks awesome. Gave it any name yet to that breakfast tower?!

You think I'd eat that for breakfast? I'm a civilized man (ate it for lunch)! Anyway, I guess the file name says it all.


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Wow, I just had pizza last night, and I must say Saiya, this homemade version sounds much more rewarding and dee-leeshus. :carcus: And yeah, the inclusion of pictures adds a whole extra dimension of awesome to this guide. I look forward to more of your recipes, and I'll try and show off my own attempts when I get some ingredients!

And Aaz, is all that about the French eating in small portions just a load of crap, or are you the exception to the rule? :guts:


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This just reminds me more and more that I really need to learn to cook. You may have just saved me from starvation one day Saiya!


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Aazealh said:
Anyway, I guess the file name says it all.

That it does, what else is on it?

Anyways, I wanted to see what all the hubbub was all about so I went and made my own. Except it was a turkey burger and not 3 burgers tall, it was good.


Saiya: Awesome pizza man I'm going to make one my self. :carcus:


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Grail said:
And Aaz, is all that about the French eating in small portions just a load of crap, or are you the exception to the rule? :guts:

Well, my culinary habits make me a shame for my country, but even putting that aside, I don't think people here eat in particularly small portions. It can't be compared to Japan for example. It's true that meals and food are generally not as consistently outrageous as they can be in the USA though.

Vampire_Hunter_Bob said:
That it does, what else is on it?

Anyways, I wanted to see what all the hubbub was all about so I went and made my own. Except it was a turkey burger and not 3 burgers tall, it was good.

Honestly I can't remember what I put into it, it's been too long. There's an old thread about food somewhere in which I might have revealed it though, feel free to look for it.

Anyway, here's a traditional French recipe! The wonderful art of making crêpes.

What's that you ask? We'll it's sort of like pancakes, only thinner, larger and all around better. :p

Ingredients required for 12 to 14 crêpes the quick 'n easy way:

360 g wheat flour
150 g sugar
75 cl milk
2 eggs
10 g salt
10 g melted butter
10 g vanilla flavoured sugar

In the pictures we're using twice more ingredients but don't mind it.


So, what you do is you take all that and well, you throw it all together save for the milk in a large receptacle. The recommended thing to do is to make a hole at the center and to put the eggs in there. Here we didn't bother.


At this stage it doesn't look so good but don't be afraid. Mix it all together while adding milk little by little until you obtain a smooth paste. Small lumps of flour may (will) form, do your best to avoid it during the mixing and to destroy them if they appear. It's no big deal if some are left but it's better if there aren't too many. Once it's done, leave it in the fridge for an hour or so.


Then it's cooking time. I had pictures of the cooking process but my camera's in its death throes and they came out all messed up. Basically take a large frying page, warm it and apply a tissue soaked in oil to grease it, then drop a ladle of the paste in there. Even it out by tilting the pan left and right until it's covered by a thin, even layer of paste. Wait until the sides of the paste sear a little, then detach it carefully (it's a tricky process at first, takes a little while to get used to) and turn it around to cook the other side briefly. Then put it in a plate and repeat the whole process (starting with re-applying oil using the tissue). It's also recommended to have a long and flat tool to turn the crêpes around, otherwise it can be a bother.


If all's well that ends well, here's what you should be looking at. Now, crêpes aren't supposed to be eaten like that, you have to add stuff on them. Sugar works perfectly well, but there's almost no limit to what you can combine with them. Chocolate, jam, honey, syrup, whipped cream, you name it. One more thing: you have to fold the crêpe before eating. There are a few ways of doing it, but I stick to the classic one:


In conclusion, here's an example of a combination I enjoy (nut-flavoured chocolate paste + whipped cream):


The result is a bloated crêpe (the picture doesn't do it justice) that is so good it's inhuman:



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God I could use a crepe bloated in nutella right now. Do you need to flip it, or do you just put enough batter that it cooks through on one side?


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Alrighty, tonight's meal was awesome! I have ass ton of Mac and Cheese left which would last for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two people! So you may want to cut these ingredients in half if you don't want to make so much.



16oz bag of elbow macaroni (any type of pasta can do expect spaghetti)
1 pound shredded cheddar cheese
8 oz’s of velvita cheese
About a cup of milk
8 oz of sour cream.
Half a stick of butter

1. Preheat oven to 375F or 190C

2. Boil your macaroni stirring occasional until done.

3. Get a baking dish with a lid which is large enough to hold all that macaroni and put it to the side.

4. In a cooking pot, dump the sour cream into it along with ¾ of the shredded cheese and the velvita cheese.

Turn on a low flame and add some milk and stir until smooth.

5. Once the cheese mixture is done, set to the side. Check macaroni, if done drain it and put it into the large baking dish.

6. Get your half stick of butter and throw it in the hot macaroni and stir it until its gone!

7. Next dump the cheese mixture to it and stir it all up. During this time, add some seasoning or other items you may want to put in here. I love garlic, so the garlic powder from yesterday is making a come back! I usually sprinkle the top with it… stir, sprinkle some more, then stir again. 3 of those is usually enough to give it enough flavor.

8. Put the lid on and bake for 30 minutes.

9. After the 30 minutes is done, take it out and uncover. Dump the rest of the shredded cheese on top evenly and cook for another 10 minutes UNCOVERED.

10. Enjoy!

:beast: :beast: :beast: :beast: :beast: :beast: :beast:


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Okin said:
God I could use a crepe bloated in nutella right now. Do you need to flip it, or do you just put enough batter that it cooks through on one side?

No, flipping it is necessary. The real masters of crêpe-making can flip them in the air with the pan.

SaiyajinNoOuji said:

Aww man, can I come eat at your place someday? My salivary glands have been activated. :beast:

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Wow, these recipes are awesome, tried one out the other night, turned out great.

Anyhow, that mac and cheese looks awesome, gotta try that one, can't wait to see what you cook up next man! :guts:
SaiyajinNoOuji said:
Today’s meal is…. Home made pizza!

My wife has been trying out pizza recipes recently, I will definitely tell her to try yours out.

When I told her that here at there were also recipes for crêpes and mac and cheese she got very happy (she really likes both). I'm sure she'll try them out soon.

Thank you for the recipes. I hope I can post one some time as well.


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puella said:
Great, you seem to love to cook. Your wife must be very happy! I envy her! :void:
By the way, what's the food on the left? Is it beef?
Meat Loaf! With it, its usually two packs of beef but I use one pack beef and the other is pork. Gives it a nice flavor!


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Nice, that's the real stuff! I've been choking down on the box brand macaroni for long enough. Thank you Saya.
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