SkullKast 118: Flames (Vol 26-2)


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Episode 118 - Flames (Vol 26-2) (46m)

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We cover all the latest news, of which there is a surprising amount:
-Volume 41's release
-The artbook (finally!)
-Duplicate manuscript pages
-Miura's video interview
-Duranki being bound in a volume

And in the Volume 26 re-read, we discuss the parting words between Skull Knight and his old friend. As the battle at the mansion begins, Guts faces Grunbeld while in an incredibly weakened state.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, we had to cut the episode shorter than expected. We'll finish out Volume 26 next time!

I am looking forward to listening to this tomorrow. It’s okay that it’s short because there will be plenty to talk about with the release of episode 364 soon.
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