SkullKast 134: Disappearance on the Arc Island (Ep 369)


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Episode 134: Disappearance on the Arc Island (Ep 369) (2h6m)

Calamity strikes the island on multiple fronts. We're just one episode away from the chapter's conclusion, and a big left hook just hit readers. Hear our attempts to unravel the mysteries (or inconsistencies) of what just occurred, and what's ahead for everyone.

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Sad Griffith wasn't on but very good podcast. Walter mentioning how Isidro could be filled with vengeance and Guts helping him find the correct path would be really interesting, never crossed my mind but it's a good idea. Also that idea Aazealh had about Azan is great too, this could have been a moment for him to finally shine. So many more better possibilities. :judo:. But I think Puck disappearing next to Guts and Guts seeing it would be interesting, it's like how it used to be him and Guts alone together but he sees Puck disappear, even Puck his companion for years is gone, Puck has always been there for Guts when you think about it but I think that would be overkill. But yeah no way Puck is gone removing him from the story at this point is a mistake. Also I had no idea about that restaurant opening :ganishka: must have missed that piece of news


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Because I don't even bother to learn the new episode titles of Perserk, when I saw title of the podcast I thought it was some cheeky joke about the island arc and overall plot basically disappearing before our eyes. True story. =)

Viva la continuation!:shrug:
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