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   Recent Updates


30 July 2002

  • I just realized that the script for the Guestbook was inadvertently disabled during our last server upgrade. As some of you may have noticed, it is already fixed.

8 July 2002

  • Are you an aspiring screenwriter and a fan of the series? Then go to this site for more information.
  • For Mac users, make sure that you download the Albertus Medium font here. Make sure that you copy the unzipped file onto the Font folder, which is located in the System folder.

23 June 2002

  • I have added a few more links to several new Berserk-related websites. Make sure to check them out.

06 June 2002

  • I have finally begun doing some long-overdue updates to the site in observance of the recently-released domestic DVD version of our beloved series. As soon as my box set edition arrives, I'll post a review on the site.
  • I have finally removed the BBS section of the site because I cannot devote any time to perform administrative work on it.
  • To make the site look like the way I envisioned it, make sure that you download the Albertus Medium font for PC and install it in the appropriate directory. If you need the font for the Mac, email me so that I can make it available for download.
  • I tweaked the links in the Gallery section to make it easier to navigate through it.
  • Several more characters from the manga series have been added
  • I have also changed the spellings of some of the characters

04 March 2001

  • Added link to a new Berserk site, Mi Piace Pack
  • My apologies for the lack of updates of late. I've been incredibly busy around here at school
  • I have a secondary (back-up) character for the Phantasy Star Online named Guts (of course) and once I get him leveled up high enough to wield a sword, I'll make a screencap of the game so that you will see a sword that looks like the Dragonslayer. Actually, one of the rare swords in the game is called Dragonslayer and it certainly looks like the one we have come to know.

13 November 2000

  • Added links to the latest site devoted to Berserk, Walter's Sanctuary
  • Updated the links to Julie's Anime Review and the Orange Empire
  • Fixed (hopefully) all of the remaining broken links that occured when we upgraded our server software.

11 October 2000

  • A new and improved BBS is finally open! Click on the link on the left side of this page or click here.

29 September 2000

  • The BBS has been taken down temporarily due to some bugs. The board needs a major upgrade anyway so I am in the process of shifting to another messageboard that is similar to UBB. It will be up very soon, assuming that I don't encounter any difficulties in the script.

09 July 2000

  • A new fan-translation of a chapter from Vol.10 added
  • Links to Cryptochrome's Hotline Anime Review, Berserk Refuge and Berserk Anime sites added
  • The June issue of the Official Dreamcast Magazine reports that Urban Vision is bringing over the Berserk anime series to the US. Click here to view the ODCM article.
  • Still having some counter problem with

21 May 2000

  • Added links to new sites, the Stratos Group, God Hand and Canimation Production.
  • Information about the latest Berserk book and manga volume added in the Resources page as well as stores that sell them.

17 April 2000

  • The counter server ( experienced some problems, causing the website counter to reset to zero. I have removed the other counters on the website except for the one on the home page while I discuss this problem with Honesty.

08 April 2000

  • Translation #9 from Vol.11 (courtesy of Peorth) added
  • Added links to the reviews of the "Sword of the Berserk: Guts's Rage" DC game

16 March 2000

  • Fixed a minor error on the mesage board
  • Added a character profile for each of the game bosses in the Game section

05 March 2000

  • Fan translation #8 from Vol.13 (courtesy of Noah Browning) added

02 March 2000

  • More news about the upcoming US release of the DC game and the sequel
  • More manga translations to be added this weekend

20 February 2000

  • New pictures added to Gallery 4
  • Added a link to the new Berserk website from Eidos Interactive
  • More information about changes in the US DC game

06 February 2000

  • More informaton about the US version of the Dreamcast including its official English title and review links
  • Updated Job's profile in the game page
  • Gave the homepage a little facelift. ^_^
  • Added Fan Translation #7 from Vol.11 (courtesy of R. Traini)

16 January 2000

  • The Anime-vs-manga page now contains information up to Episode 20 of the anime.
  • New information about the American version of Berserk for the Dreamcast console system
  • Timeline now updated to include events in Vol.17

09 January 2000

  • Corrected a formatting error in the Anime-vs.-Manga page
  • Added a new link to the Game page which describes the newest Dreamcast mod chip from NCS (which caused to me to delay my DC from being modified).
  • Revamped the look of the Trivia page and also added new entries about Femto's name origin and Corkus's pose.

01 January 2000

  • Finally finished the Story site ^_^;;
  • Added a link to the latest Berserk game review

30 December 1999

  • A message board and a guestbook are added
  • Fan translation #5, featuring gatts finding the Dragonslayer, now uploaded
  • A page describing the differences between the anime episode and the manga volumes can now be found under the Miscellaneous section

21 December 1999

  • Added a new link to a review article by the staff of on the new Berserk game
  • A new game character (Zodd) is added to the character list

18 December 1999

  • Screenshots from Episode 25 are now available
  • A better thumbnail picture of Ubik added
  • Tweaked a few items on some of the pages
  • An upcoming page on Midland's early history in the works and to be added in the Miscellaneous section
  • BBS section nearing completion

13 December 1999

  • Added a new link (Berserk Manga Translation) to the Links section
  • Added the scans of the cover and insert of Vol.13 LD to the Gallery site
  • Added episode titles and broadcast dates to Exhibit Hall 3

04 December 1999

  • A new Updates page! Check this page first to see the latest additions and changes to the site.
  • New characters from the manga added to the Characters page
  • A new cast member to the Dreamcast game (Job) added
  • Part B of Translation #3 now available