Game Grumps play "Sword of the Berserk"

Wasn't sure where to post this. The Game Grumps have started a let's play on "Sword of the Berserk" Guts Rage. I found the episode to be entertaining.
PENumber2 said:
Haha, excuse my snark, but not even my love of Berserk can overcome this travesty (and I don't mean the game) :schierke:

Thanks for the link though. It's always nice when this game surfaces. And you've reminded me that I actually own a Dreamcast, but I've never played Sword of the Berserk. I should remedy that (but not for $90).
This is great! They killed me so much when they were doing robot voices haha. Thanks for the link! :ubik: :guts:
Yeah their humor isn't for everyone. They take improve course though which seems to fit well with the whole Let's Play genera of gaming. Sometimes though I just want to rip the controllers from their hands! They're also doing "Portal 2" and I almost have to turn it off because I feel as though I could play better.

Anyway, they upload 3 videos a day. If no one minds, I'll be adding links to the new episodes to the first post up top as they're released. They rarely complete games so I doubt they'll make it all the way through.