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As a new Berserk fan, it's almost unfathomable to me how long Berserk had been running. I was looking at the episode release schedule on the forum, and found out that Guts left the Hawks 28 years ago today.
That's the cover date, in truth the episode were he left came out 2 weeks before! :slan: But yeah, Berserk ran for a long time.
I can't believe that it's already 1 year since Miura has passed away. Rest in peace, Miura-sensei. You'll always be missed and never forgotten.
I’ve beaten Elden Ring three times with three different builds now. I can definitely say a Guts build is the way to go. :guts:
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I did a Guts build just to try out and it basically poise broke everything, including bosses. You have to tank some hits but basically you can just spam attack and they'll be helpless sooner rather than later.
The Ashes of War breaks them even further. Royal Knight's resolve increases the damage by an absurd amount. A hit that normally does 1100 could do 3000 within the right circumstance. Lion's Claw, (Artorias/Berserker Armor swing) is another good one with its high damage and super armor. It also recently got buffed, so I would recommend it. (Not to mention it just looks awesome)
I made an order of 16 Berserk Konami tcg cards for a nice price to Grorum last week-end. The cards were commons, unco ,rare and foils. The order arrived in very good condition with all the cards sleeved and well protected.
Thanks again for the cards Kévin !
A quick little doodle i did during some slow time at my job.
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