Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 77

Wenliinvictus said:
This was very funny, should come with a trigger warning before you tell a joke so I don't smirk like an axe murderer while I'm listening to it, listening to you guys butchering the anime and the movies is gut wrenching. Whatever Griffiths goal is, it must be massive if his own kingdom is merely a stepping stone, then again he has a profound connection to the entire human race, in retrospect a minor Kingdom was never going to cut it. The only likely objective I can think of is a world sized Falconia empire, or maybe he's after something more transcendental rather than territorial.

Well certainly mere kingship can't satiate Griffith's endless ambition now that he's Femto. It seems clear to me that he's basically meant to be the Face of God. The being that shines the brightest, at least in the eyes of humans. The 'Most High One', as it were. Loved and perhaps feared above all other beings. And surely having ultimate control as a worshiped deity who actively rules over all humans/other beings is included in this ambition as well. Plus its not hard to see why having total control over humans on all levels would clearly be in the IoE's best interests.
Good job guys, I really enjoyed this podcast. This episode clarified a lot of old questions and theories of the community and your way to discuss it really helps, thanks :ubik:.


00:00 Introduction

Episode 345

01:45 Initial impressions
04:58 The common room (+Cats & Chess in Berserk)
08:31 The Great Gurus
13:20 Flora compared with other wizards
15:09 Danan
17:46 Guts' impatience
19:58 Elf King and elves in Skellig
24:15 Food panel
27:16 Circular table preamble
31:20 Ged's explanation of the Giant Tree
36:37 Road of Elves/Road of Dragons
43:02 Puck's Beherit and its final purpose
48:14 Forest of Spiritual Trees and the ancient chaos
55:28 Ganishka's transformation
1:01:51 Guts and Griffith's relationship and the world transformation
1:07:16 Falconia and 1000 years ago world
1:12:18 Group reaction to Guts+Griffith conexion
1:15:07 Next episode possible Guts' story
1:16:55 Griffith's will
1:20:18 Rickert's theory (Femto=Ideal Griffith)/Griffith's ambition
1:25:56 The God Hand in 346
1:28:09 The pace could lead us to unexpected events

1:32:42 Anime (Pure masochism)

I'm sorry I couldn't do this earlier, holidays are tough :ganishka:
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