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   The Berserk Timeline


 Gatt's Timeline

 The Rest of the World

1000 years ago - Gaizerick becomes the supreme ruler of several kingdoms and founds Midland

100 years ago - Chudan incursion into Midland triggers the 100-Year War between the two

Guts is born; Gambino finds him under his mother's corpse and Shisu, Gambino's wife, adopts the baby  
3 yrs old - Shisu dies of an illness
6 yrs old - Guts's nose gets cut during a practice session  
Griffith forms the Hawks; about the same time, he receives the Behelit
9 yrs old - Guts is assaulted by Donovan, another mercenary
  Gambino gets injured during a battle and loses his right leg
11 yrs old - Guts kills Gambino in self-defense and is chased out of the mercenary army  

Casca and Griffith meet for the first time

Griffith sleeps with Gennon, a local nobleman, to acquire money to finance his army

Rickert enlists in Griffith's army

15 yrs old - Guts kills the Gray Knight Bazuso ("The 30-Man Slayer") during a castle siege   The Hawks, along with the Black Dog Knights, defend a garrison against Guts and other soldiers

Encounters the Hawks

Guts joins the Hawks after losing his fight against Griffith

Guts becomes a platoon commander two weeks later

  Corkus's squad attacks Guts
    The Hawks become involved in the 100-year war on the side of Midland

18 yrs old - Guts becomes the commander of the Hawk raiders   Griffith is awarded the title of viscount and the Hawks become part of Midland's regular army after crushing Chuda's Black Ram Heavy Lancer Knights
Guts and the Hawks encounter Nosferatu Zodd and barely survive    

Griffith is made an earl or count

The Hawks are requested to be the king's escort guards during the Fall Hunt

Count Yurius's plan to assassinate Griffith during the Hunt fails

Griffith plots to assassinate Yurius

Guts assassinates Yurius, along with his son Adonis    
      The Hawks engage the Blue Whale Heavy Destroyer Corps under Adon's command in battle
  Guts kills about 100 mercenaries sent out to capture him and Casca, thus earning the nickname "The 100-man Slayer"    

Midland forces led by the White Tiger Knights attempt to re-capture Doldrey Castle but are decimated and driven back by the Purple Rhino Knights

Griffith and the Hawks launch their own attack on the castle

  Guts comes face-to-face with Boscogne, the leader of the Purple Rhino Knights and kills him, unknowingly aided by Nosferatu Zodd   Doldrey Castle falls and Gennon, its castle lord, is killed in battle
      Chuda sues for peace and the 100-Year War is over

Griffith is elevated to the White Order as the White Phoenix General and the Hawks are now known as the White Phoenix, with the senior commanders given aristocratic rights

Griffith escapes another assassination attempt by faking his death

  Guts kills the other conspirators outside the main castle   Under Griffith's direction, the Queen's castle is set on fire, killing her and the other conspirators involved in the assassination attempt
  Guts leaves the Hawks    

Charlotte is seduced by Griffith

Upon learning of their relationship, Griffith is immediately charged with treason and is imprisoned at the Tower of Rebirth

The Hawks are now on the run

  < Guts is about 20 years old by now >    

Guts suddenly appears in a competition

He defeats Silatt, the thief hunter


He links up with the Hawks just in time to save them from total annihilation by the Midland army

Casca and him become intimate


A Hawks detachment sets out to rescue Griffith from prison, leaving behind Rickert due to his injuries

Rickert's group is later attacked and destroyed by monsters

  Guts and the other Hawks break out of prison with Griffith and wipe out most of the Wyndham palace guards  
      The king of Midland orders Wild and his Black Dog Knights to pursue Griffith and the Hawks
      A solar eclipse suddenly occurs

God Hand appears before the Hawks and Griffith

The fifth God Hand, Femto, is born

Judeau, Corkus, Pippin and the rest of the Hawks die in the ensuing massacre

      Elsewhere, Rickert arrives at the designated rendezvous point

Guts loses his right eye and left arm

Casca and him are rescued by the mysterious Skull Knight and along with Rickert, they are taken to the home of Godo the blacksmith

      The solar eclipse passes over
      The Hawks are completely annihilated and the site of their massacre has now become the Red Lake, littered with their remains

      Midland sends out the Great Iron Chain Knights led by Farneze to investigate the predictions mentioned in the Book Of Prophesy that will appear after the solar eclipse; their discovery of the Red Lake confirms the prophesy

      Casca gives birth to a demonic baby which promptly disappears when the morning sun appeared
  Guts leaves Godo's home as the Black Swordsman    

Two years later

Guts confronts the lord of Koka castle (who is actually a monster and a disciple of God Hand) and kills him

Guts meets Puck for the first time

  Guts meets Collette and the monk on a wagon along a mountain path; later staves off an attack by ghosts    

Guts goes to the land controlled by a count who oversees the hunt for the heretics and confronts him

There, he encounters God Hand again

God Hand retreats after Guts killed the count

  Guts rescues Jill from her kidnappers outside her village near the Valley of the Mist  
      Roshinu, the queen of the fairy kingdom in the Valley of the Mist, appears

Guts is attacked by a horde of insect monsters in the forest

Guts sets Roshinu's nest full of wasp fairies incubating in cocoons on fire

Guts mortally wounds Roshinu but is chased away by the Great Iron Chain Knights, under orders to capture the "Black Swordsman"

  Aside from the nickname "The Black Swordsman", Guts is now also known as the "Dark Hawk"    
  Wounds still fresh from his encounter with Roshinu, Guts is finally captured by the Great Iron Chain Knights after a brief but costly skirmish (Guts killed eight heavily armored knights)    
  Guts escapes imprisonment with Puck's help and takes Farneze as hostage and a human shield. She is later released unharmed.    
    An epidemic similar to the Black Death that struck medieval Europe is sweeping across Midland. The human toll is so terrible that corpses litter the streets.
      The king of Midland, now hopelessly insane, dies while an invading army from the Kushan Empire is marching toward the kingdom.


 ...and the story of the Black Swordsman continues...