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This is quite the simple thread with no legwork required: what are some things that just purely and simply, make you happy?

For me, I love a cool and cloudy chilly day. Nothing too hot, yet not too cold. I enjoy adventures and love blindly chasing urban myths or ghosts. I dig random cemetery explorations where I, or a group of friends, explore and take in the energy at certain graveyards. All in all, I mainly value exploration and adventure.
What are some modes of being and actions that make you, as a person, truly happy? :)


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Sometimes my friend on Discord will livestream himself feeding his cat. I'm currently far away from my own cats, so it's always nice and comforting to see someone else's kitty being happy and well taken care of.


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My work days are extremely busy, so being able to slow everything down and eat a meal with my family every day is probably the happiest moment for me, and somehow we've managed to make it a consistent element of our days, despite our schedules. I also enjoy cooking, but we've been ordering a lot of take out lately, and when I bring home sushi, everyone is happy.

To Aazealh's point of making it Berserk-centric, I really do enjoy recording podcasts. I'd do it every day if I could, but it's a time drain for everyone, and it honestly requires a lot of prep time to make them enjoyable for everyone.


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Outside time with my daughter, dinner with the family, quality time with the wife (TV counts, right? =), game time after everyone else's bedtime, and what I miss most is family dinner with the in-laws after work, actually. Those times might be returning soon though as more places open up and the pull of "normalcy" draws us all in, ready or not. I just hope we're not all setting ourselves up for the next big surge!


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One of the aspects about the shutdown that i enjoyed is NOT having to get together for all the various holidays and such. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great family and I love them very much but I found a year without the big thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, Easter and all the birthday get togethers with two sets of families (parents divorced) AND inlaws quite refreshing lol. I’m perfectly suited for shutdowns.
Other than that, another thing that makes me happy I’m finding out as i get older, SILENCE.
Waking up to find my cat has not thrown up - either on the carpet or my side of the bed (especially close to where I would set my feet while getting out of bed).

Cooking quick meals that are somehow edible, in spite of me trying to sabotage a recipe I'm following on YT because in the moment, I can't control myself, and add what I think might taste good.

I miss visiting my in-laws in Boston, and being treated to a bowl of pho for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. So I'm looking forward to doing that when it's safe to travel, and my second vaccine shot.
A couple of months back, my 2 year old niece just happen to see my PC boot up, during that process, random stock images appear, one of those we're a bunch of penguins, now everyday she sees me, she grabs a sheet of paper, a pencil, runs towards me, seats on my lap and asks me (in her own way) to draw her "bibies" (that's how she says penguins)........and, yeah, that makes me happy.
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Personally, my Brindle Staffordshire dog makes me happy. The way he looks at me when I leave him for 5 seconds is hilarious. His eyes open-wide and usually he lets out this joyful cry. I've grown really attached to the little bugger. He is also ball mad. I play tennis-ball cricket with my family in the driveway and see this bugger dash after the ball.
Singing and Dancing and being hyper in the car while my friends are driving, maybe this is stupid but it just makes me feel better to share my favorite music with them and let go of some energy at the same time. I come from a boring town in indiana so there's nothing really to do but drive around or go to thrift stores or both.

Other than that, basically just my hobbies, reading, playing guitar, writing music, drawing, watching anime and movies, I also like doing my podcast with my friend.


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Nowadays, one of the things that brings me a lot of joy is webcam calls with friends, for example during a DnD or movie night. I barely meet any people on the few occasions where I have to leave my apartment for work, so things would get pretty lonely otherwise.

Another thing that I usually find myself doing when I need to lighten my mood is just going for long walks into forests or along the road without a real destination to just clear my head.

Rereading Berserk is also something that makes me very happy.
Food, cats, Berserk, watching movies/shows,

it used to also be watching anime but for a year or so now I only watched like 2 animes(very short too), I feel like I'm getting disinterested in it and I used to be a big fan of watching stuff like Hunter X Hunter 2011 and things like that, but if u asked me to re-watch the berserk 1997 anime I'd do it and be fully immersed and I would love it. I think its because I'm really attached to it but also because the berserk anime is different than the norm.

Nowadays I'm watching The Punisher(Marvel), its good so far, at least interesting enough to continue watching, cant really review it just yet

Sometimes my friend on Discord will livestream himself feeding his cat. I'm currently far away from my own cats, so it's always nice and comforting to see someone else's kitty being happy and well taken care of.
Hahaha that sounds marvelous :ganishka:
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